Redisign east of the Aqueduct

2nd Prize

2008 | Kavala

Thearchitectural competitionfor the reconstruction oftheareaeastof the Arches of the AqueductinKavala. The proposal focuses onthe double natureof the Aqueduct: as a symbolic monument of historical, aesthetic and technical value and as a significanturban element due to the scale and morphologic particularity. His multiplicity as animpenetrable wall, as a wall between the buildings of the city, as a place of residence, as an entry in the inside of squares, as a gate,is reflected in the design.
The significance of the articulation and compilation of the described course constitutes the central idea. A course of elevationofthemonument and formation of the environment and along this a series of constructions–micro environments as unifying elements of the two basic lines: of the Aqueduct and the wondering of the walker.
Different constructions, light or even movables, are supplemented by suitably equipped outdoor spaces and chosen plantings. Their repetition, in certain occasions, strengthens the readability of the space. Pedestrian walks, observatory  platforms, showrooms, the square, they allconstitute the streets and the stationsin the general manner of connecting the old with the new city.

The proposal was made in cooperation with the architect Papidou Theodora in February of 2008 and won the 2ndPrize from the Jury.