International competition in Ukrain


1st Prize

2007 | Lviv

The competition was about the architectural and urban design of the public center of the Sychifregionin Lviv, Ukraine (an area of600 acres), and about the configuration of the neighbouring park-forest (900acres).Lviv is the fifth most important city of the country with 800.000 residents, with significant architectural heritage and a UNESCO protected medieval historic centre. Sychif is a suburb of the city, of approximately 150.000 residents,where local authorities have set as a goal, making the attraction to visitors and investors. The current picture of the urban landscape is that of Soviet city-dormitory, with uniform and high-rise buildings devastating in linear growth and a big gap-wide highway of 140 m separating the two, condemning it to an impersonal and very unattractive picture.   
 Theproposalattempts to give an identity to the region, creating a centrepiece-"stream",around and under which the city develops as a living organism,with assembly areas,recreational and cultural events. The shell of this axis is built with the philosophy of planted roof,sometimes accessible, sometimes not, which during its development, as itruns throughout the city centre, it acts as bond and creates opportunities for rest areas and gatherings.At the same time and across it green zones are proposed,as well as a cycle lane, a tram line and a low traffic freeway.In the middle and perpendicular to the urban centre a Public Central Core is being organised, in a directtransactionwith the existing public buildings.The park is formed by the logic of walks and alleys, while the remaining area of forest isembellished,becoming adominant element of design.

The proposal was made in colaboration with the architectural beaurau "Domorithmos" των G. Arachoviti - A. Mpobou in May of 2007.